Saturday, March 5, 2016

Google Adwords Relevance and Quality Score

So I think the business highlight of this week has been learning about google adwords quality scores and improving my advertisements because of it.  When you advertise with google adwords they will tell you the quality of your advertising efforts for specific keywords in your campaign.  They look at the keyword, your advertisement text and your advertisement landing page and give it a score.  If your keyword is average or below average it can lower your position on the search pages as well as increase your costs.  It also gives you clues into whether users will actually click on your ads when they see them.  All of my keywords ended up with scores around 6 out of 10 which is considered average.

What I learned from my class and ended up implementing was creating specific landing pages to target each of the groups of keywords for my advertisements.  I created unique and specially crafted keywords to target areas such as relationship problems, another one for how to save your marriage, another for no intimacy in your relationship.  Each one a different experience.  I then customized my ads and had specific text for each ad group.  Originally I had the same ad verbiage and same landing page and that gave me average scores across the board.  I haven't seen the scores update yet so I'm assuming it will take some time but I have a lot more confidence that my relevancy and quality will be much higher.  In turn this should increase the number of sales we have.

I also installed google analytics on the site and experimented with the e-commerce integration.  I've used analytics a lot for technical and functional analysis of the performance of the website but never really for advertising and conversion tracking.  I really enjoyed learning more about goals and setting monetization values for my campaign.  I'm interested in exploring that further although sadly we won't cover it much in the class.  The week has been busy so I'll cut it short at that but I'm feeling really excited to start seeing how adwords will translate to sales!

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