Saturday, March 26, 2016

Social Media and Social Networking

Social Media

So this week we covered more social media and SEO in my business class. I had to write a one page essay covering my long term and short term goals.  Now I won't repost that essay here but I will go through some of the things I've thought about in terms of my social media strategy.

Short term I recognize I need to have more content.  The more interesting and unique content I can post on my website I can also include on my social media accounts.  From my research it looks like facebook will be the very best avenue for me to do my social network accounts due to its ability to micro-target to my audience as well as how people thinking about relationships are actually interacting on facebook.  I also will leverage youtube as I have videos I can reference there.  The nice thing about facebook is that I can also embed some of my quizzes and assessments there and get it going viral.

Long term I need to be aggressive in responding and communicating to the wider community as they talk about me and my products.  Twitter is a good way of leveraging this, but in general I need to spend a portion of my day each day responding to social media.  There's a lot of information here, but I hope to be able to incorporate this more over the long term as I move forward.  The first steps are setting up the facebook account and actively publishing content on it.

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